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July 9, 2009 – Journal Entry

Dear Diary:

I bought a Funkmeister from Moe’s in Penn Station last night and jumped on the train headed home.  I ate quickly on the train because I couldn’t contain myself.  Right there on the train, I reached for him.  It had been awhile since I’ve anticipated a man’s presence in quite this way.  I longed to be engaged in a soulful conversation with a beautiful man …to get reacquainted with him and his point of view…to be given an opportunity to just listen to something soulful.  Actually, I’ve missed everything I know about this man.  Mostly, I’ve missed hearing from him, his voice so smooth and rough at the same time.  Hearing his voice has always felt like silk tracing his heels gently on a piece of gravel set like a diamond (and held proudly) in the arms of a cobblestone street (surrounded by miles and miles of non distinct paved and un paved roads) beaming with character and cloaked in history, a lone throwback to a time when quality and integrity mattered).

 I remember the very first time I saw him.  He was rolling around on a floor with a smile on his face as if deep in the memory of a kiss and moment of ecstasy he had once shared with someone.  You know how we can be some times ladies.  I wanted some of that.  It seems I’ve been waiting and anticipating his return for some time now.  Of course I’ve been doing my own thing, but I’ve missed him.  There he was yesterday on a beautiful and sunny Tuesday just sitting calmly, patiently and quietly on a bench surrounded by others more likely to speak when they have little to say.  He was cleannnnnnnnnn!  When I saw him, I just couldn’t help myself.  I reached for him.  I saw other people checking him out and was delighted that they wanted him too…you know that feeling of being delighted by the admiration of your man by others that you tolerate and are kind of tickled by cause it confirms what you know in your heart…that you’ve got something special.  Again, I reached him… More accurately, I reached for the long awaited embodiment of his essence.  After many days of winter and rain, I had finally made my way back to him…back to Maxwell’s BLACKSummer’s Night.

                                                                                                       -Abby Dobson


 “Go Make The World You Dream”


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